Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Mushrooms and the 8 Essential Sugars Critical to a Healthy Body.

Glyconutrients are known as the 8 essential sugars needed for optimal health and functioning in humans. Nutritional scientists and glycobiologists have identified over 200 glyconutrients found in nature but only 8 are essential for cell-to-cell communication in people. 

All of the 8 essential sugars (saccharides) aid in intercellular communication, but each glyconutrient also has special properties as well on a cellular level. 

Here is a list of the 8 essential sugars:

1. Glucose
2. Mannose
3. Galactose
4. Fucose (not to be confused with fructose)
5. N-AcetylGalactosamine
6. N-AcetylGlucosamine
7. N-AcetylNeuraminic Acid
8. Xylose 

Now, everyone is familiar with glucose since this is the most talked about of the 8 essential sugars and the one that supplies energy to our cells and muscles. Table sugar itself is composed of glucose and fructose (not fucose) and we know what eating sugar will do to our energy level (or that of our kids!). 

Mannose is a little different from glucose since it is absorbed 8 times slower and through the upper GI tract. Mannose is perhaps THE major player when it comes to intercellular communication. Mannose is involved in more cell interactions than any of the other sugars and a deficiency in mannose has been linked to a whole host of health problems.

Galactose is another of the 8 essential glyconutrients and in found mostly in dairy products and in some fruits. Galactose can inhibit many health problems from starting and also useful in the healing process as well. 

Fucose (not fructose) is found abundantly in mother's breast milk and in specific mushrooms. Fucose is found in high concentrations in the nerve synapses (spaces between nerve endings), in the outer layer of our skin and in the kidneys and testes. 

N-AcetylGalactosamine is probably the least known of the 8 essential sugars and more research is needed to pinpoint its roles in disease prevention and healing. Patients with various cancers such as colon cancer have been found to have about half as much N-AcetylGalactosamine as do non-cancerous people. 

N-AcetylGlucosamine has been linked to helping immune system functioning especially in relation to a whole host of immunological disorders. N-AcetylGlucosamine is found in the thyroid gland, testes, liver and small intestines. Shiitake mushrooms and supplements are good sources for N-AcetylGlucosamine. 

N-AcetylNeuraminic Acid has been linked to brain development, learning, memory and cognitive performance. N-acetylneuraminic acid is found mainly in the glycoproteins and glycolipids and widely distributed throughout the human body. Studies have shown that N-AcetylNeuraminic Acid is effective in fighting against viruses and airborne allergens.

Xylose has been shown to have both antibacterial and antifungal properties. Diabetics sometimes use the commercial derivative of Xylose, (Xylitol) as a sugar substitute. Xylose is absorbed in the small intestine where it increases the friendly flora, which in turns helps all other nutrients absorb more effectively. 

This is but a short list of how the 8 essential sugars help in healthful functioning. There are many more diseases and conditions that have been helped by the addition of glyconutrient supplements to one's diet. 

How can I get the 8 essential sugars in a healthy way? Try Osumex 5-Mushroom Blend!

Osumex 5-Mushroom Blend is produced in Japan from raw unprocessed mushrooms. A balanced mixture of 5 mushrooms are carefully dried, powdered and blended together to create the 5-Mushroom Blend.  
Mushrooms conatin some of the most potent natural medicines. They are excellent sources of antioxidants as they contain polyphenols and selenium, which are common in the plant world. They also contain antioxidants that are unique to mushrooms, one of such antioxidant is ergothioenine, which scientists are now beginning to recognise as a master antioxidant.

Osumex 5-Mushroom Blend is rich in Gluconutrients, Vitamins (B complex, C, D), minerals (niacin, magnesium, potassium, calcium, iron, copper, beta-carotene, amino acids) and enzymes.

The benefits of using Maitake mushrooms because they contain high levels of the essential sugars, include, but are not limited to, the following:
  • provides the body with glyconutrients or gluconutrients which are essential for cellular health
  • Activates immune T-cell activity only when invaders or antigens are present 
  • Potent antiviral, antibacterial, antiparasitic, and antitumor effects 
  • Helps immune cells recognize invaders by increasing intelligent cell communication 
  • Enables cellular components to "stick" to each other so as initiate the right reactions 
  • Raises natural killer cell and macrophage counts against infectious organisms 
  • Increases the body’s resistance to viruses, including those that cause the common cold, influenza, herpes, and hepatitis 
  • Reduces allergies and chronic disease symptoms of arthritis, diabetes, lupus, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, HIV, cancer, kidney disease, and others 
  • Decreases cell death in chronic fatigue syndrome 
  • Elevates disease resistance in weakened individuals 
  • Accelerates burn and wound healing 
  • Helps heal such skin conditions as poison ivy and psoriasis 
  • Reduces the number of recurrent ear infections 
  • Acts as antioxidant compounds 
  • Slows the aging process 
  • Decreases inflammation
Our 5-Mushroom blend is a perfect addition to anyones diet, vegetarian & vegan friendly. 

You can now purchase the Osumex 5- Mushroom Blend in either a 10 sachet or 30 sachet package.  

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