Saturday, June 29, 2013

What is a Lignan?? Understanding the Immune-Boosting Power of Flax Hulls

Lignans are phytonutrients that are believed to be capable of fighting tumor growth, lowering cholesterol, lowering sugar levels in people with diabetes and reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease. They are also known for boosting immunity and supporting immune system function. Flax is the richest source of lignans in the plant world, containing up to 800 times more than any other plant.

The major lignan in flax seed is called secoisolariciresinol diglucoside (SDG). Probiotic bacteria convert the SDG lignans (plant lignans) into the mammallian lignans enterodiol and enterolactone. These mammalian lignans help strengthen the immune system, and may help to naturally lower estrogen levels.

Flax seed hulls also contain large amounts of Omega-3 fatty acids, which we are lacking in the typical North American diet. Omega-3s impact mental and physical health, improving cholesterol by lowering triglycerides, affecting joint health by reducing tenderness, easing inflammation and providing necessary fat to our brains, skin and bodies.

Flax lignans are especially high in antioxidants. Antioxidants help to prevent the development of chronic illness such as heart disease and cancer by counteracting oxidative stress. The antioxidant value of a food is measured by its ORAC value and flax lignan’s value is 19,600 per 100 grams. Compare that to kale’s ORAC value of 1,770! They are powerful free radical scavengers and help stop excessive free radical activity which deplete the body's immune system.

The important benefits of this food supplement are quickly becoming known. The Mayo Clinic, the American Cancer Society, and the FDA all acknowledge the cancer-fighting power of flax lignans.

While you can get some lignans from grinding flax seeds yourself, you’d need to consume gallons of whole flax to reap the benefits of concentrated flax hull lignans. The vast majority of flax lignans reside in the shell, or hulls, of the flax seed. The Osumex natural organic flax hull lignans product is made of hulls only and contains no flax oil. Our flax hulls are also nutritious fibres containing both soluble and insoluble fibres, benefiting digestion and Vitamin B12 in the form of Cobalamin, positively impacting energy levels.

Visit our website to learn more about this immune-boosting product. Osumex ships worldwide. Contact us about having our organic grade flax hull lignans delivered straight to your door.

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